5 reasons why you should be part of a start-up

I’ve recently started working on a start up called Garden Genie, we won the Startup Weekend global prize of which 20,000 people competed for, resulting in the team and I being flown up to Austin, Texas where we are currently working at BigCommerce’s offices. So as I go through this journey, I wanted to share my reasons of being in a start-up and why you should too.

I often meet entrepreneurs from all walks of life, but one thing which unites them all is the dream to make it big some day. It’s not about that next promotion but instead it’s the excitement of creating something from scratch and see it being used by millions of people around the world.

And for the real market disruptors, I don’t think money play’s a significant role, but they do it because they want to make a significant impact on people’s lives. Of the many – my favorites are:

  1.  Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft and now doing charity work.
  2. Warren Buffet – Billionaire investor but still lives a humble life in his original home worth $31,500 despite being rich.
  3. Elon Musk – risked all the money he made from PayPal when banking on SpaceX and Tesla Motors – two revolutionary companies for man-kind.

So you’re wondering – I too want to make a significant impact on peoples lives, but I am not as wise or smart as these guys. Well, there’s good news for you – you don’t have to be, all you need is the drive and the willingness to learn. Everything else will fall into place, like it is for me and Garden Genie.

Here are my 5 reasons why I think you should be part of a start-up

  1. Learning – by working within start-up’s, you’re surrounding your selves with people who discuss ideas, not gossip. It’s a different way of communicating, one that has changed my outlook on life too and has helped me focus on the things which matter more, and remove distractions from my life.
  2. Opportunity to lead – if you’re working in a large organization like I do, I’ve seen that it takes a lot longer to climb the corporate ladder, however when working with start-ups – you get the opportunity to lead a certain part of the business from day one, an experience which has been Invaluable for me having early on in my career.
  3. Variety – you get to skill up on variety of areas, not just an area which your boss think’s would add more value to the company, all though my current company has been great at providing me variety, I’ve seen many of my friends narrowing down their skill sets too early in their careers.
  4. Profile – It helps you to build a profile in the community, for me it has lead to an expanding network with influential people, especially if you consider my last few days in Austin, I’ve had the opportunity to get mentorship from BigCommerce’s Executive team (CFO, CRO & VP’s) – it will help you do the same.
  5. Time efficiency – you naturally start becoming a lot more time efficient with your work, which can also be applied to your existing work (as entrepreneurs, you cant waste time).

Opportunity – tools and trends

The future is looking bright for start-ups.

  1. The turn around time to identify if your idea will work has become a lot shorter now, by implementing frameworks such as the Lean Start-up Canvas.
  2. The cost of starting up has dramatically reduced with off the shelf SaaS products, cloud computing and new trend’s emerging for shared open office spaces.
  3. Increased availability of start-up accelerators & program’s such as BizSpark to help get started and reduce IT costs.
  4. Platforms such as BigCommerce, and mobility market places for easy on-line sales and eCommerce.

2 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should be part of a start-up

  1. Well done.Very Proud of you. keep up the good work.

  2. […] and no better time to start then now. So if you’re still on the fence then check out 5 reasons why you should be part of a start-up, a post I wrote off the back off start up […]

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